Thursday, 8 June 2017

Five Meals from One Chicken

I have been re-reading a book by Bethany Bontrager who blogs over at The Renaissance Housewife, it's all about feeding your family for $10 a head per week. She says that you should identify the ingredients which offer the most nutrition for your money, like chicken and eggs. So on Sunday I roasted a chicken 1.25kg in weight and then challenged myself to see how many meals I could get out of it. The chicken cost £2.35 from Aldi and id classed as a small one.

So, on Sunday we had roast chicken, roast potatoes, stuffing, carrots, cabbage and gravy and steamed syrup pudding. On Monday we had the same from leftovers. On Tuesday we had chicken potpie using leftovers and some of the chicken stock I made from the carcass. There was enough leftover to have on Wednesday with some mashed potatoes and then today I made soup from the stock. All told, that small chicken made 5 meals for 3 people, all with adult appetites !

Looks like Bethany is right, a chicken offers excellent value for money !


  1. I do much the same with any meat that I buy. I have been playing with Vegan recipes and have had some amazing meals, we now eat vegan more than half the time. I will not be giving up meat though, a bacon sandwich or a chicken and mushroom pie are far too good to ignore.

  2. I agree that vegan recipes can be delicious !

  3. It's amazing how many meals can be made from one roast chicken! I like to use leftovers with lots of veggies in pies and salads. Meg

  4. Thanks Meg, salad at this time of year is a great idea !

  5. Good job! It is fun to figure out how to stretch the meat.