Monday, 12 June 2017

Finding Cheap Boiler Cover

I have been looking around for a deal to get the boiler serviced. It was installed in 2009 and its age means that boiler cover costs too much now so we no longer get a free service. Last year I paid £85 for a service so was looking for a better deal than that.

I checked USwitch and HomeServe had a deal for a year’s boiler cover including a free service for £60 a year. This saved me £25 and will give us emergency breakdown cover. However, I know from using HomeServe before that when you have a breakdown that they only come when they can and you might wait several days before the engineer gets to you.

So I’m not getting too excited about having boiler cover again, I’m just pleased to have knocked off £25 from the cost of getting the boiler serviced.

Summer is a great time to look for deals on things like boilers and heating as the firms don’t get a lot of business at this time of year and you can often get a discount.

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