Friday, 9 June 2017

Frugal Friday

So, the most frugal thing I did this week was timing the laundry so that it could all go outside to dry. That meant getting up early to put the wash on before the school run and pegging it out to make sure that it dried before the rain came back ! It worked and even cut down on ironing as blowing outside all day in a stiff breeze straightens out most of the wrinkles.

Apart from that it was a quiet week on the frugal front. We changed over to Plusnet for our telephone and broadband and it went much more smoothly than last year's change to BT. Last year we had to wait 3 days for service and lots of phone calls. This year with Plusnet it only took one phone call and the UK customer service agent was able to sort the problem immediately. So far the speed has been faster as well, so we are pleased with a better service for less money !

I posted a returns parcel for MissShoestring using stamps from the Royal Mail survey and downloaded several free Kindle books and a free book about menu planning from the Renaissance Housewife. I also made tortilla, homemade re-fried beans, 5 meals from 1 chicken, chicken stock, elderflower cordial and syrup pudding. I used up 4p frozen cabbage which was a yellow-stickered bargain from Christmas time.

We also picked strawberries from the garden as well as salad and ate ice cream and lollies from home when it was hot. We weeded and re-planted in the garden to make sure that we are going to get good crops and pulled out some woody radishes to make room for something new. I read "Your Playbook for Tough Times Vol 2. Needs and Wants Edition" by Donna Freedman and thought that it was even better than Vol. 1. I have also just started " The No Spend Year" by Michelle McGagh. I enjoy reading about the frugal strategies of others and find it so motivating !

I can't wait for the weather to get warmer again so that the blackcurrants get ripe

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