Friday, 23 June 2017

Frugal Friday

A round up of frugal living this week in spite of the scorching weather !

The most frugal thing I did was claim tax credits, I wasn't sure if we could do it for this year but the helpful pack and telephone line said we could and sorted it out very quickly so I am looking forward to getting the money !

I bought a new cookbook using Swagbucks, so effectively the book was free and we ate a lot of leftovers and very basic cold meals as it was too hot to cook. We cooled down the house naturally by opening doors and windows night and morning and closing the curtains during the day and I also used the sun to dry my hair rather than using the hairdryer !

We needed a red shirt for MrShoestring for a Midsummer celebration but found an old rugby shirt that would do, so did not need to go hunting round the charity shops. We also needed a new computer mouse but found one in the workshop which could be used so no extra shopping this week !

I downloaded a few free Kindle books for reading over the Summer and got a free magazine through the Royal Mail survey. I packed my supper to bring with me one night rather than eating out and filled up at the cheapest petrol station when we were passing rather than the closest !

I hope that you had a good, frugal week too !

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