Monday, 19 June 2017

Getting a Discount

After MasterShoestring came back from his Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition the other weekend he needed a day off school because he had so many blisters and his feet had swollen so badly. He had used an old pair of my walking boots in spite of us telling him that he would be more comfortable if he got a new pair of his own. I guess the frugal apple does not fall far from the tree ! 

Anyway, this weekend he agreed to come to the local outdoor shop and try on a few pairs. He put on a thin and thick pair of socks before we went so he would get the right size boot and have an accurate idea of how each pair fitted. When we arrived we said that we were looking for a pair of 'Duke of Edinburgh' boots as their website said that they have a special brand in stock and keep more sizes in for this type of boot. It tuned out that they only had 3 pairs left in MasterShoestring's size so we asked to try them all and I was preparing for having to fork out rather more money when none of the special Duke of Edinburgh cheaper boots fitted ! 

The first pair were clearly too tight, the second pair MasterShoestring thought would do, I said try on the last pair just to be sure and that was the pair that fitted the best. It turned out these were the cheapest boots, were leather so will last longer and came with a discount when I asked was there anything off that ? The boots were the cheapest in the shop but I still asked for a discount because the website had advertised a discount for participants in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. So we ended up with 10% off and they were the best fitting boots !

On the way out MasterShoestring remarked that this was the first time he had experienced that " the cheapest were the best". I hope he remembers that lesson and that it is always worth asking for a discount !

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