Saturday, 30 December 2017

A Little Repair

MrShoestring has already been putting his soldering iron, which he got for Christmas, to good use. Our digital radio, which we use in the kitchen had a frayed flex and hasn't been safe to use for several months. We do have another radio which we can use in there but I like the ease of the digital tuning and it makes switching programmes so easy when I'm cooking. The radio has been sitting in the workshop waiting to see if it could be repaired.

Yesterday Mr Shoestring soldered all the frayed wires together and then wrapped the cord with insulating tape. He needed to solder the wires because the little plug which fits into the back of the radio to connect the power was so small he couldn't fit them in otherwise. We could probably have bought a new flex and power supply but there is something so satisfying about fixing things yourself.

There was much rejoicing when the little radio re-appeared in the kitchen and we tried it out and it worked ! Lots of thanks to MrShoestring, now he's looking for something else to fix !

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