Wednesday, 6 December 2017

German Advent Cookies

Another delicious recipe for enjoying over Advent !

125g margarine
125g brown sugar
2 eggs
1tsp cinnamon
125 g ground hazelnuts
250g plain flour

Mix all the ingredients together to form a dough and refrigerate for 1 hour. Roll the dough into 2 rolls about 4-5cm in diameter and cut slices off to form cookies. Place on a baking tray lined with baking parchment so they don't stick !

Bake at 180C for 10 minutes until lightly brown. Leave to cool before removing with a spatula and cooling on a wire tray !


  1. A very timely post thank you. I need to make something to take to a group meeting tomorrow. These sound just right and a change from mince pies.
    Because they are gluten free they will be appropriate for all of us.
    I tried your previous ones. They were delicious but didn't look anything like yours!
    I wonder if adding another egg white would help because they stayed firmly where they were placed. I also wondered, looking at this recipe, whether I could use the eegg whites whipped and add the yolks as extra fluid. What do you think?
    I love your blog for its down to earth but interesting posts. Thank you. Sue

  2. Dear Sue,

    These would only be gluten free if you use gluten free flour as the last item should say flour, not four !! You can certainly whip the egg whites, it will make the final cookie more like a macaroon or meringue ! I'm sorry about the typo with the flour but otherwise the recipe should work, great! I do find that with these Christmas cookie recipes, chilling the dough and using baking parchment makes all the difference. Also different ovens cook at different speeds, I don't have an exact dial on mine so sometimes my cookies spread more, depending on how high a temperature they have been cooked on !

    Good luck, have a lovely meeting !

  3. Thanks for that!
    I had skimmed over the four and made it flour!
    Just about to have a go!

  4. Thank you for your tolerance and I'm glad the recipe was useful !