Monday, 4 December 2017

Are Homemade Mince Pies cheaper ?

I made our first batch of mince pies yesterday and was wondering if they were cheaper than shop-bought ones as I bought mincemeat this year as buying all the ingredients was going to be expensive. So I worked it out !

I bought a jar of mincemeat for £1 and made 18 nice pies out of that. For the pastry, I used my normal vegan recipe with oil in the crust and using 45p flour from Aldi that cost 32.5p to make. With 20 minutes in the oven costing 14p the grand total for 18 pies was £1.46.

This meant that each pie cost just over 8p to make. The cheapest shop bought pies I could find were from Asda where you could get 12 on special offer for £1.50. That makes their pies cost just over 12p each. Not a vast difference, so if you are pressed for time then shop-bought ones seem very good value.

However, making the pies, in the kitchen with the children, with carols to listen to, that makes a priceless memory ! So I hope you have a chance to do a bit of baking this season !

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  1. I occasionally make mince pies but then we go and eat them!
    Six bought pies are quite enough calories. Eighteen home made ones might be cheaper but then there's the £4.65 that I spend at Slimming World which would be wasted. Swings and roundabouts!