Friday, 1 December 2017

Frugal Friday

Well, it had to be a pretty frugal week for us this week, to the extent that we have no self-raising flour or toilet rolls left, so I'll be off shopping later ! Here's what we did do to keep costs down !

I did get some yellow-stickered bargains last week and they have made meals a bit less boring than they otherwise would have been, so that was good ! I made lots of tortillas from scratch and bread and cake, also a big crumble from frozen fruit from the garden. I picked some leeks from the garden for leek and potato soup, but the cold has meant that we are really on the last few items before it finally goes to sleep for the Winter ! However, there were a few more little tomatoes from the polytunnel as well, very tasty !

I got a free magazine and newspaper from the supermarket and joined a free book club at the library and was able to download the chosen book free as well, so reading that has been keeping me busy this week. I washed out some freezer bags and boxes for re-use and cut up a ripped sheet in to squares for re-use in patchwork.

I got a freebie through the post for use as a stocking filler and also used a £5 gift card from Swagbucks to order a little Christmas surprise. I used my to compare prices between shops to make sure that I get the best value for the grocery money in the hope that I shan't have to raise the amount we spend.

The other big thing I did now that it is so cold is I went out and read the gas and electric meters so I could keep a check on how much we are using. I think that we are just ahead in credit and are still on the cheapest tariff, but was surprised when I checked, just how much the standing charge is, does the supply really cost that much ??

I am looking forward to a cosy time this weekend, as Advent starts, one of my favourite parts of the year!

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