Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Keeping an Eye on the Gas and Electric Bills

A few days ago I mentioned that our gas and electricity supplier had notified us that they were going to take 1/3 less money for the direct debit from now onwards as we had built up a large credit with them. I was a bit suspicious about this and yesterday they requested meter readings for gas and electricity so that they could calculate the quarterly bill. Hmm, I thought, away goes our big reduction, as I knew that we had kept the heating on some nights recently as it has been so cold.

However, I went out and read the meters and carefully worked out what the bills should be. We have a smart meter so I had to remember to press 9 to get the actual readout. I included the standing charge and the discount for taking both fuels from the same supplier and converted the m3 for the gas into KwH, phew, what a lot of arithmetic first thing in the morning !

It turned out that we have used a bit more gas than electricity but it averages out at only £10 a month more than we had been paying for the direct debit, so since we built up a large credit over the Summer we are still close to £150 in credit with the supplier so maybe they will reduce the direct debit after all !

I'll wait and see when the final bill comes, but it shows that keeping an eye on your energy usage does pay off !

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