Saturday, 9 December 2017

Yellow Stickered Bargains

Yesterday I went shopping with MasterShoestring to do the heavy lifting, so I went a bit earlier than usual and did not expect the usual Friday bargains !

Sure enough the fruit and vegetable reductions and the ones in the meat department were still too little for me to be tempted, but when I got to the grocery section my luck was in. There was 1 packet of Barilla wholewheat pasta 500g at 38p, so I snapped it up. I never normally buy this pasta, always the own brand and now Aldi and Lidl don't seem to stock it anymore that means paying around 56p for 500g so I could see straight away this was a good buy !

Next were 4 tins of Napolina tomatoes at between 4p and 25p a tin. Some of them were chopped tomatoes and some were plum tomatoes but I still haven't been able to work out why 1 tin cost 25p, 2 cost 4p and 1 cost 6p ! Maybe it was something to do with how bashed up they were ? Anyway, definitely a bargain as even the cheapest tinned tomatoes at Aldi cost 29p !

Next was a tin of taco beans, useful for making filled tortillas, at only 9p and then 4 tins of Heinz soup at between 4p and 9p a tin. There was a slight problem with the discounted soup, as when I got home I discovered that 1 tin had scanned at full price, because the reduced sticker had not been stuck over the original barcode. I wondered about going back to ask for a refund but after totting up my savings decided that it was not worth the petrol money to do so ! Especially as chapatti flour, which we use in place of wholemeal flour was reduced this week from £5 for 10kg, to £3.50 for 10kg ! A great bargain! Thank goodness I had MasterShoestring to carry it !

So I think I might carry on shopping on Fridays !

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