Friday, 8 December 2017

Frugal Friday

Not a great deal to report on the frugal front as I have been busy finishing my assignment for college, I guess that was frugal as it involved no spending and no time to do any spending !

I did download the Simple Savings 2018 calendar and am wondering about trying a challenge every month next year. The 'buy no new clothing' one has gone quite well this year so maybe there are a few more things we could try next year.

The other reason we have been doing very little spending is because MasterShoestring is sitting exams at school this week and next, so I've been doing a lot of downloading of past GCSE papers. You can get these for free now whereas you used to have to pay for a book of papers. However, lots of them come with a blank page between each question, so that used quite a bit of paper and some printer ink !

We made tortillas, fajitas, mince pies, a pasta salad for a 'bring and share' lunch, cottage pie and spaghetti bolognaise. MasterShoestring chose the menu this week to make sure that there were plenty of leftovers for late night snacking !

I got a free notepad through the post and sprayed my old walking boots with weatherproofing spray as they had started to leak. I bought 6 bottles of the spray for a very cheap price a few years ago in Aldi and it is still proving useful !

St. Nicholas visited the house and left a few bits of chocolate in the shoes of those people who polish them, so there were a few happy faces first thing one morning ! Next week it's Santa Lucia, so Swedish buns will be appearing ! I love all these little traditions through Advent !

Have a lovely weekend !


  1. Wishing MasterShoestring the best on his exams!

  2. My daughter is in the same school year as MasterShoestring and also sitting mocks. Where do you download your past papers from? Julie

  3. Dear Julie,

    You need to look on the exam boards website e.g.) AQA. Search under GCSE and the subject name and click on Assessment materials !

    Good luck to your daughter !