Saturday, 2 December 2017

Simple Savings Saturday

If you go over to the website:-

the lovely Fiona Lippey and her team have put together a fantastic , free 2018 calendar to help you save money throughout the year. There is a challenge for each month of the year and ideas for beginners at frugal living, people with mid-level experience and then some real challenges for hard-core frugalers !

It is a proper calendar as well, with lots of space to write appointments or reminders about what frugal living task you are going to try that day.

I've printed mine out already, for added inspiration over the coming season !


  1. This is a paid site. Meaning you pay for everything. Not good for most people trying to get out of debt....Not into more. At least tell people you have to be a member to get most things.

  2. Dear Jean,

    I wanted to highlight the free calendar so I'm sorry if you found that unhelpful. I think the idea of the calendar is to help people.
    The newsletters are also free and I have found them good.

    I would not recommend spending money to help you save. Best wishes to you and I'm sorry that you were disappointed not to know that you have to pay for access to the rest of the site.

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