Thursday, 7 December 2017

Saving Money on LED bulbs

Before I start on bulbs, just a wee note to say that I've updated yesterday's recipe to make the final ingredient 'flour' rather than 'four', sorry about the typo !

Last month we needed to replace the bulb in MasterShoestring's bedroom and we have a policy that when a bulb goes we look in the box in the linen cupboard and see if we have a spare one that we have already purchased and if not we replace it with an LED bulb, which will save money in the long run ! LED bulbs are quite expensive, which is why we are waiting for the existing bulbs to expire rather than replacing them all at once. So I looked for a bulb and found a very dim one, around 25W, which would do until we could get a new one.

I looked up the prices of LED bulbs online and at various stores nearby, including IKEA, but thought they were all rather expensive. I decided that I'd try in Poundland and see if they had any. They did, various different fittings and strengths of illumination. I opened the packets, to make sure that the bulb inside matched what it said on the outside, as we have been caught out by this before, but they seemed alright so I bought one for £1 ! I wasn't sure that it would last, but it was worth the chance !

Here we are a month on and the bulb has been fine, it has been on a lot, as MasterShoestring has been doing lots of last minute revision for his mock exams and no problems so far ! I wanted to wait before I recommended these bulbs but now I think Poundland will be my 'go-to' place for LED bulbs at quite a substantial saving, not just on the electricity these bulbs use but on the initial investment as well !


  1. Just a follow up on yesterday's comments. The biscuits from your recipe were lovely and disappeared rapidly at Art Class this afternoon. Thank you for the recipe. It was perfect timing. Sue

  2. That is lovely to know that the biscuits were enjoyed ! Art Class sounds fun !