Tuesday, 30 January 2018

A Nice Freebie

The March edition of "Kitchen Garden" magazine arrived in the post today and just as I had hoped, it arrived with 3 free packets of seeds. Since the magazine was also free with Tesco Clubcard points this is definitely a 'win' ! 

The tomato seeds were the 'Mamande' variety which I have never grown, so that will be great to try. I've already sprouted some tomato seeds but they are a bit leggy so as soon as the second leaves start to appear I'll re-pot them much deeper in the soil so that I get stronger plants.

I also got courgette seeds which were the "Zucchini" variety which I grew last year and was very pleased with as they were heavy croppers.

Finally, the last packet of seeds were for celeriac, which we don't like, so I'll give those away or swap them with someone.

The seeds were all from Kings Seeds and would have cost £4.35 plus the postage if I had bought them, so that is quite a good freebie !

I seem to have been talking about magazines quite a bit lately and I do love reading them, so over the weekend I had another go at accessing the magazines available via the local library. After a few goes at getting a password I got the site to work and now have access to over 130 magazines, they were quick to download too, which had been a problem when I tried the service previously. I was delighted and can see that I shall be using fewer Tesco points to purchase subscriptions in the future !

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