Sunday, 28 January 2018

LandScape Magazine

I used some of my Tesco vouchers from November to get a subscription to this magazine. I was rather tired of all the fashion, beauty and interior design features that you find in other magazines and this has lots of good reading and plenty of lovely photographs. It is also written in such a way that you could easily keep the issues and read them again another year. One of the drawbacks with the magazine was that it was only published every other month, but I didn't mind has it has a lot of content and far fewer adverts than some other magazines.

However, when the new issue popped through the letterbox yesterday it came with an explanation that since the magazine has been so successful it is now going to be published monthly and I should get some extra issues per year ! The letter did go on to say that if you were paying by direct debit they would be increasing the price to pay for the extra issues but since I got an annual subscription I think I might get all the extra issues for free ! I certainly hope so ! That would be a bargain !

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