Friday, 5 January 2018

Frugal Friday

The first frugal Friday of the year and the month ! So far we are doing quite well and hope you are too !

There were still quite a few Christmassy food bargains to be had so I bought 2 selection packs for half price to be used for 'Saturday' chocolate and promptly hid them, so they will last all month. I also got two packets of Asda finest mince pies for a third of the initial cost and a Whitworths Christmas cake kit for £2. The mince pies will be frozen and the cake kit saved until next year.

I downloaded a few good ebooks for free and  MrShoestring mended the digital radio so with magazines and books from the library we were well set for entertainment. This was a good thing as we don't have television reception and have been watching throughout the internet but that has not been working well this week.

I also got a free subscription to 'Country Living' magazine as a gift from the bank. They offer a reward and I always get a free magazine !

We re-used foil and got a free soup and a coupon for a free tin of Princes fruit in juice. I also got free stamps from the Royal Mail survey which has started again, so that is good ! I froze leftover wine for use in dishes later in the month and made a fantastic soup from all the New Year's leftovers.

A great bargain was getting lovely books about baking at The Works for 10p each. These will make great gifts and have been popped into the present cupboard. I also got a new frugal cookbook for £1 in Poundland so I'll try out a few ideas from there and let you know if it is any good !

Finally, I posted some books that I had had for sale on Amazon to Ziffit and got another tidy sum to add to the gift account, so that was great !

I hope that you have a great weekend and that your first week of the year has been a good one too !

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