Thursday, 4 January 2018

Reading to help with Frugal Living

Whether you want to know how to set up a budget or cook 3 healthy meals a day with the money you have, reading is the quickest way to learn and one of the most cost effective. There is lots of information available for free at the library, in free ebooks and on the internet and utilising free resources will help to signpost you to those ones you want to invest a bit more time and money in. For instance I try hard to order a book at the library or to read a trial chapter before I commit to buying it. That way you can make sure that it is a resource you will use over time. I don't buy cookbooks unless they contain unless ten recipes I can imagine making. Otherwise I just copy the recipe and return the book to the library !

Over the next few Thursdays I thought it might be helpful to have a look at free resources, cheap books etc. which are available to help with the frugal journey. I want to look for new resources to encourage us as well. The first idea I got from another frugal blog and that was to have a look at the cook book
 " Kitchen in the Hills." by Elizabeth West. I have read her other two books " A Hovel in the Hills" and " A Garden in the Hills" all about going to live in an off-grid cottage in Snowdonia in the 1970s, but did not know that she had also published a cookbook.

The book is available second-hand for a very reasonable price but true to my wish to have a look at it before buying I searched the library catalogue and found it in the archives. Ordering a book costs 60p in our library system so if I can collect it myself I do, however, you can't do that with the archives so I've invested my 60p and am looking forward to seeing what new frugal recipes I can glean !

Have you got favourite frugal reading ?


  1. I read blogs and like lots of cookbooks e.g. A girl called Jack is great

  2. I read several blogs, too. Yours is a favorite! I ordered tightwad gazette many years ago. It was a bit hardcore for me. I’ve also read the other usual suspects; Your Money, Your Life; The Millionaire Next Door; Suze Orman And so many more. It finally sank in that we need to spend less than we earn. I don’t collect cookbooks. I have a file of many that we use on a regular basis. If I see one that looks promising i’ll write it down to try some day.