Saturday, 13 January 2018

Movie Night

One of our other favourite ways to spend a January Saturday night is to have an 'at-home' movie night. We will pop our own popcorn, which is great fun and then settle down under some blankets on the sofa to watch either an old favourite or something new.

Old favourites include all the 'Back to the Future' films for the boys and all the episodes of 'Dad's Army' for everyone else. MissShoestring likes light romantic comedies and everyone likes a good action movie, even if the story is a bit predictable.

MissShoestring has a subscription to Netflix and Amazon Prime so whilst she is still at home we are enjoying watching some of what is on offer there. Recently we saw "La-la Land" and "Wonderwoman", both of which were fine for a movie night at home but I'm not sure that I would have been happy if I'd paid to see them ! So not only do we have a good time we also have a chance to critique the film as we're watching, so that's a lot of fun too !

Do you watch films at home ? What are some of your favourites ?

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