Sunday, 4 February 2018

Enjoying a Cold, Wet, Weekend

Yesterday, it rained all day here and was very cold as well so we turned to our list of 10 ways to enjoy a weekend without spending money, here it is :-

1) Go for a walk
2) Call a friend
3) Organise some photographs
4) Watch a film
5) Go to the library
6) Watch a sporting event
7) Do a bit of tidying
8) Work in the garden
9) Read a book
10) Play some music

It was too wet and cold to go for a walk outside so I did a Leslie Sansone walking video online and MrShoestring rode the stationary bike.

MrShoestring called his Mum and got caught up on all the news North of the Border. We deleted some more photos from the computer and MrShoestring's camera. We started watching 'Fargo' on Netflix using MissShoestring's subscription which she kindly shares with us.

I went to the library and checked out five new books and I finished another one which I had borrowed last week.

We enjoyed watching the start of the Six Nations Rugby tournament and enjoyed the Winter Olympics previews as well.

I tidied up the kitchen and washed the water filter jugs and removed a whole lot of black stuff from the soleplate of the iron.

It was too cold and wet to work in the garden but I did take some lettuce seeds out of the airing cupboard and put them on a sunny window sill as they had germinated.

I played sone cheery music whilst I tidied and did the ironing.

It felt good to be tucked up inside, cosy and warm and still saving money !

I hope you are enjoying a cosy weekend too !

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