Friday, 9 February 2018

Frugal Friday

It has been so cold this week, with a smattering of snow some days that there has been little incentive to go out, even to do needed shopping, so we have been making do !

I made some homemade curry powder and used it in a slow cooker recipe for vegetable curry, delicious with chapattis and as leftovers throughout the week. We also made banana cake,granola, jam tart, chicken pot pie, baked potatoes and soup. Also made some breadcrumbs, two loaves of bread and some yoghurt.

I got cash back on the car breakdown insurance and a free newspaper and magazine at the supermarket. I earned a £5 Amazon voucher from Swagbucks and used it to get a course book for free.

I cleaned all the black sticky stuff off the iron using baking powder and a free scourer we already had and washed out some plastic bags for re-use and froze homemade chicken and vegetable stock in them.

I mended a jumper for MrShoestring, finished a present for MissShoestring's birthday and got a £5 Love2Shop voucher from the Royal Mail survey, so that will be put away for sales shopping at the end of the year.

We are still using chopped up pallets and dead tree wood from the garden in the wood stove and it's great to know that keeping warm is costing so little !

We' re looking forward to a whole weekend of Olympic winter sports !


  1. Impressive! You seem to have this frugal thing down pat!

  2. Only sometimes ! I also spent some time this week chasing a £150 refund from PayPal for an automatic payment I had not authorised ! I did get the money back eventually, but I don't always check the account regularly and if I hadn't acted so quickly the money would have been gone, not very frugal !