Sunday, 18 February 2018

Ten Things we can learn from the Olympics

We have been enjoying the Olympic coverage all week, although sometimes that has meant slightly odd bedtimes. We like the sport action but are less keen on all the studio discussion. However, it has led to some interesting discussions at home and we came up with the following list of things that we noticed about the event which have applications in wider life :-

1) Even tiny things can make a difference;

2) There is always another chance;

3) You can always improve over time;

4) It's great to have support from family and friends;

5) Sometimes you have to sacrifice to get where you want to go;

6) The youngest have something to teach the oldest;

7) There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes;

8) You are always in with a chance;

9) Having a go is the important thing;

10) Always get back up after you fall down !

Great observations fro a frugal life as well as a sporting one ! I hope you have a peaceful Sunday !

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