Thursday, 1 February 2018

February Challenges

It is lovely to see a few snowdrops around and other signs of Spring, such as willow catkins and witch hazel in bloom. We have even seen daffodils in very sheltered spots and MrShoestring has spotted primroses and crocuses under the trees at the back of the garden.

We are going to continue with trying to keep the grocery spending very low this month as there is still plenty of produce to use up in the freezer. We are also continuing with the "no clothes" spending challenge this year, with an exception for MasterShoestring who needs new shoes for school again !

I did quite well with the no clothes buying challenge last month as by accident I shrank 2 of MrShoestring's nice cashmere jumpers , I didn't notice that the spin cycle was still turned on for the washing machine when I put them in on 'Delicate' ! However, they now fit me, so there is always a silver lining !

The other challenge we'll continue with is funding the 'gift' account from other sources. We did well in January so I'm hopeful that we can continue this month.

Are you running any challenges this month ?


  1. My husband has been laid off (redundant?) so spending will be as low as possible. We’ll have a huge CC bill since I put our house/car insurance on it for the points. The money will come from the taxes account so no interest. I may be able to wait til early March before it’s due. Hopefully, my husband will be back to full time work by then. Otherwise, no challenges.

  2. Good luck with everything Debbie. I know it is always hard coping with a layoff but it sounds as if you are already planning ahead to make the most of what you have. Fingers crossed that it won't be long until your husband finds something. MissShoestring was let go this time last year but is now doing well !