Monday, 19 February 2018

February Challenges 3

The grocery challenge is still going well with a spend of £9.36 this week keeping the overall total to still under £120 for the month. This will go a bit higher with a couple more school lunch payments but all that home bread baking is saving a lot of money ! However, I do have to remember to plan ahead as sometimes MasterShoestring's late night snacks mean that there is no bread left in the morning !

The gift budget was eaten into slightly with MrShoestring spending £15 on Valentine's Day. This is quite modest and since he doesn't spend any money the rest of the time and I was the beneficiary I can't complain ! This means that the gift budget is down a bit as I also bought a cushion pad for the cushion I made for MissShoestring, I did have a look at the great stash of craft materials but there wasn't quite enough padding for a whole cushion so buying one was the only option and it was under £5.

Clothes challenge is still going well too with no money spent so far this month. However, with a jumble sale on Saturday I'll have to remember to avoid any bargains ! I would quite like some blue fluffy wool to knit some socks for USAShoestring for next Christmas so I'll keep an eye out in case there is something that could be unravelled and used, but that can be paid for from the gift budget !

I hope that all of your challenges are going well too !


  1. I spent a good part of the weekend deconstructing two thrift store wool sweaters. I want to make dryer balls for Christmas gifts. It’s very tedious and time consuming. But, I like the feeling of using up and not buying new! Now, I need to find something to go with them when they are finished. Dryer balls alone isn’t enough.
    Ps I wanted to mention that I so appreciate that you have the anonymous button. I have a hard time with gooogle and rarely even try to use it anymore. I’m not sure many bloggers realize this. I use an iPad, and that may be the issue, but I can’t be the only one with this problem.

  2. Thanks for your comment Debbie ! I find that I often have to comment on other blogs using the Anonymous button for the same reason ! Good for you for making something new out of something old, we have lots of nice warm throws made out of old sweaters. What about some homemade laundry soap to go with the dryer balls ?