Monday, 26 February 2018

February Challenges 4

I'm back to sowing mustard and cress for MrShoestring's sandwiches today as we've used up all the growth from last week. The final grocery amount including household cleaning stuff and school lunches for MasterShoestring was £138.25, so just under £35 a week. However, the bottom of the freezer is now visible and only contains things like homemade pumpkin puree and a lot of courgettes, so I think the total for March will be much closer to the £170 normal budget.

Still no clothes buying, which is good and although I had the chance to go to a jumble sale on Saturday it was quite far away and decided that as we didn't actually need anything I would be better off with the money in my purse ! I went to the library instead and got my book 'fix' that way. I also 'hemmed' and 'hawed' all week about buying a copy of 'Home Economics' by Jane Ashley, but it costs £14.99 at the bookshop and just under £10 online. I had a detailed look at the meal plans and decided that we would not want to eat chicken 3 times in one week, which is what is suggested in the first plan and lots of the others we don't need e.g.) low-carb. So I decided not to get it and use my copy of Bernadine Lawrence's book " How To Feed Your Family for £5 a day" to plan menus for March. If I can get a copy for free through Swagbucks or a giveaway I'll be happy but I'm not spending money on it !

We did spend a bit of the gift budget on a Year 11 Yearbook and Hoodie for MasterShoestring's birthday in July but it is still looking very healthy and I also have £16 in Love2Shop vouchers from the Royal Mail survey so that's great. 

Now to think of some challenges for March !

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