Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Chocolate Nests

I have broken the 'bread' theme which I've had for recipes for the last few weeks as Easter week calls for these little beauties, made either with cheap cornflakes or shredded wheat or both !

280g crunchy cereal
225g milk chocolate
100g dark chocolate
50g butter
4 tbsp golden syrup
72 mini eggs ! (or fewer if you don't want 3 in each nest)

Lay out 24 paper cases and crush the cereal in a bowl. Melt the chocolate and the butter together, either in a microwave or over warm water. Once it is melted add the golden syrup and stir. Carefully pour the chocolate mixture over the cereal and mix. Put a tablespoon of the mixture in each case and divide any remaining amongst the cases. Use a teaspoon to make a depression in each one. Arrange the mini eggs in each nest and chill until set.

Hide them until you want them all eaten as they will disappear quickly !


  1. I made some last week and they were gone in the blink of an eye.

  2. Yes, they do seem to be one of those things that people can't just have 1 !

  3. Ooh, these look good and easy! These won’t last long but I think I may make them, anyway! Thank you!

  4. They are really easy, so good luck with making them ! My only problem is when people come in the kitchen and pinch spoonfuls of the mixture !