Monday, 5 March 2018

March Challenge 1

So the March challenge is to stick to a menu plan and feed the family for slightly less than £5 a day ! I was inspired by Jane Ashley's book " Home Economics" but after looking at her menu plans realised that they would not be that popular with the family, for instance we don't want to eat chicken for tea 3 times a week ! So instead I turned to my copy of the Bernadine Lawrence book above and using some of her recipes and some of my own, came up with the following plan.

Thursday 1st March - pancakes for breakfast, leftovers for lunch, Spicy Bean Stew, Couscous and peaches for tea

Friday 2nd March - eggs, cheese and pickle sandwiches, Cheddar cheese and onion quiche, boiled potatoes, carrots and biscuits

Saturday 3rd March - toast and jam. soup and leftover quiche, tortillas, refried beans, salsa, strawberries

Sunday 4th March - toast and jam, beans on toast, roast chicken dinner and apple and blackberry pie

Monday 5th March - pancakes, chicken sandwiches, chicken potpie and brussels sprouts, leftover blackberry and apple pie

Tuesday 6th March - pancakes, leftover chicken potpie, red lentil flan and cauliflower, leftover pie

Wednesday 7th March - pancakes, egg sandwiches, bean burgers, buns, carrot salad and chocolate cake

So far we are eating less than I thought so not all of the planned meals have been made. For instance, instead of Spicy Bean Stew on Thursday I made soup from leftovers in the fridge and there was enough for lunches on Friday and Saturday too. There was also quite a bit of chicken leftover from last night, so I think some of that might go in the freezer for use in sandwiches later on in the month.

We have spent just over £100 so far this month stocking up for the whole month, so we'll see if I manage a budget of under £35 a week as I still have a few weeks of school lunches to pay for too !

Do you menu plan ?

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  1. Hey Mrs Shoestring!
    Just love your weekly menu. ��
    Bernadine Lawrence