Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Getting Rid of Cookery Books

Now that MasterShoestring appears to have outgrown most of his food intolerances I decided to spring clean the recipe book shelf and post a few off to Ziffit to earn some money for the gift account.

This was the first allergen-free cookbook I got, about 10 years ago. Although you can see that there are lots of recipes marked the only things I regularly made from the book were hummus and felafels. I have got recipes for those two things in other books so it was time to let it go and bless someone else with it !

Last year I also got at least three budget cookbooks and I haven't cooked a single thing out of any of them. Some of the recipes were too expensive, like the 'Family Feasts for a Fiver' book. 

I need a whole feast for £5, including a pudding ! 

Some books, like the one above, just had recipes that were too fancy for our tastes so those were added to the Ziffit pile. 

I could have felt a bit guilty about getting those books and not using them but then I remembered that I had got them using Swagbucks vouchers, so no out of pocket costs, just my time. The library did not have the books so I could not check them out beforehand, otherwise I would have known that they were not good buys.

The 'Home Economics' book has just arrived in the post, so fingers crossed that having checked this one out of the library, got it for free using Swagbucks and identified ten cheap recipes in it, that I will actually use it sometimes ! I saw another blogger writing that she thought the recipes in this book are too expensive to cook entirely on a budget of £35 a week, for a family of 4 and I would agree with that. However, there are enough cheap ones to make it useful I hope !

Have you got a favourite cookery book that you would recommend ?

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