Thursday, 8 March 2018

Frugal Inspiration

I am always looking around for frugal inspiration and found a few, new resources on the internet which you might want to have a look at too !

The first are a couple of blogs, one written by someone who retired early, just like we are aiming to.

There are some really, good posts about saving money on food.

The other is written by a lovely lady who sometimes posts often and sometimes has a bit of a break, so it is worth looking back through the older posts for a good read.

If you like reading blogs there are a huge list to go through at:-

I whiled away a snowy afternoon looking at all of these.

The other resource which is well worth a look is the free Tiny Budget Cookbook which is available to download here:

I hope you have fun looking for some frugal inspiration !


  1. I can always use more inspiration! I read Tania’s blog, too. Even though i’m in the US, those of you who practice frugality ‘across the pond’ seem to have better sensibilities. I was going to add more but I better stop before I turn this into a US rant! I will check out mandys blog.

  2. Hi Debbie ! I hope you have as much fun as I had checking out all these new resources !