Friday, 9 March 2018

Frugal Friday

Friday already, but no snow this week ! It has been a fairly slow week as far as money saving goes but that means that we did most of the usual frugal living activities !

The most money-saving things we did were at the start of the week when we fixed a central heating fault and an electrical one ourselves. This was a double win, as not only did it save money it also meant that we got the power and the central heating back on a lot faster ! Made me glad that I have family around to help with these things !

One other very frugal thing I did was cut down a pair of sheepskin slippers which were too small into a pair of mules which do fit. All I had to do was cut the back off the slippers. That was quite hard work but better than giving away a pair of brand new slippers which I had been given as a gift.

We also got 12 weeks of free vouchers to get a free Sunday paper and downloaded some free ebooks. Another book that has been on my wish list for a long time was reduced to £1.66 for a Kindle copy so I  used the book budget of £3 a month to get it. I've lost the cheap price on books before by waiting too long before buying, so I'm glad that I snapped up a copy of "My Year with Less" before the price went back up.

We cooked a chicken in the slow cooker and had two suppers from that plus sandwich fillings and stock for soup. Then I also made a cheese soufflé, bean burgers and homemade buns, leek and potato soup and a quiche, as well as apple and blackberry pie, bread, yoghurt and hobnob biscuits. I also re-used foil and washed out some plastic bags.

We ate leftovers for several meals and MrShoestring and I downloaded free resources for teaching rather than buying them for work this week.

Phew ! For a slow week we actually did quite a lot !

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