Monday, 12 March 2018

March Challenge 2

So I am not really sticking to the menu plan and think that we will have lots of food left over at the end of the month. For instance, having an unexpected Indian meal for Mother's Day means that the planned meal was not used. It doesn't really matter, as the ingredients can just be saved for another day. However, the other thing I had not reckoned on was that MasterShoestring would start going out with friends at the weekend, now that the weather has improved and that MissShoestring would put an offer in on a flat, which means that she is often suddenly having to stay in town when she had planned to come home. This means that over the past week I've had quite a few leftovers ! I also made unexpected sticky toffee pudding after discovering that MasterShoestring is very tired of blackberry and apple puddings having eaten them every week since September ! I had all the ingredients in the larder already and two helpings were eaten as soon as it came out of the oven !

I have re-jigged the menu plan for this week to take account of all the leftovers and meals not used last week, so now it looks like this !

Monday - pancakes, pork sandwiches, leftover pork roast dinner and leftover sticky toffee pudding

Tuesday - boiled eggs, leftover soup and bread, vegetable curry and chapattis, tinned peaches

Wednesday - waffles, egg sandwich, pizza and salad, steamed pudding

Thursday - toast, leftover pizza, leek and potato soup, rolls, oat biscuits

Friday - fried eggs, leftover soup and bread, quiche, potato wedges, ratatouille

Saturday - help yourself breakfast, leftovers, tortillas and salad, ice cream

Sunday - help yourself breakfast, leftover tortillas, roast chicken dinner and appal and blackberry crumble

I only spent £6.23 at the supermarket this week and it looks like that will be even less next week as I have everything in for the menu above !

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