Wednesday, 9 May 2018

An Unsuitable Match

I was very excited on Saturday when the library contacted me to say that I had reached the top of the reservation list for Joanna Trollope's latest novel. I have read all her books and have found that her reading of social changes to be spot on.

With beautiful weather and a good book on hand I was looking forward to settling down in the garden for several hours of great reading ! Well. it started off alright, I warmed to the main character and the theme of love second time around seemed a good one !

By Sunday night I was disappointed ! I won't give the plot away in case you want to read it for yourself, but I think I was looking forward to a happy ending and there wasn't one as far as I was concerned. I think the main character was happy ! I also think the ending is realistic, but does anyone else long for modern novels to have happy endings ? I'm not sure I'm going to read anymore of her novels ! 

One happy ending for me was returning the book ! So glad that I did not buy it at the book shop, I would have been even more disappointed !

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