Saturday, 12 May 2018

Ten Things to do in Exam Season

This is the last time that MrShoestring and I will have to live through GCSE season, we started 17 years ago so we'll be glad of the break ! Over the years we have come up with a few ideas about how to survive it !

1) Keep the cupboards well stocked !

2) Let it go ! Now is not the time to get into an argument about a messy room.

3) Encourage your candidates to get outside.

4) Make sure they get enough sleep.

5) Have something nice planned for when the exams are over.

6) Ask what you can do to help.

7) Be prepared for last minute panics.

8) Have stocks of pens, pencils, water bottles etc. ready for those last minute morning requests for such items.

9) Plan how you will get them to the exam on time if the car/bus breaks down !

10) Rejoice that your days of doing GCSEs are over !

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