Sunday, 6 May 2018

Finding a new Phone and Broadband Deal

With our current broadband and phone deal expiring on 7th June I knew that now was the time to search for a better deal. The first thing I did was work out what we had spent over the last year, including line rental. This meant I knew how much saving I was looking for.

Last year we spent just over £420 including all calls and unlimited fibre broadband. I thought this was rather a lot but still wanted to continue with fibre broadband. With a teenager in the house and lots of visits from adult children this prevents fights and annoyance when they all want to access the internet at once.

I decided that this year we did not need to pay for a call package as we have so many free minutes with our £5 a month mobile phone deal. I don't want to drop the landline completely just yet as sometimes the mobile phone signal is not reliable and so the landline is handy in emergencies. However, I do not want to pay a large amount for line rental.

A bit of research and some help from moneysaving expert's excellent broadband tool and I had signed up for Vodafone fibre broadband, unlimited for £20 a month and no line rental charge ! This means that we shall only be paying £240 a year instead of £420, a saving of £180 a year or £15 a month. This is a much larger saving than I was expecting so I hope the changeover is smooth and it all works properly !

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