Friday, 18 May 2018

Frugal Stress-free Friday

Staying debt-free and living below your means is definitely one way to lower stress, so here's what we did this week to remain that way !

The garden is growing well, with plenty of rhubarb and lettuce so I used the last of the leeks to make a leek and potato soup for supper one night. We also had our first cutting of lettuce for salad one day. I still have rhubarb from last year in the freezer, so have yet to cut any of the new growth. However, I did move the remainder of the frozen fruit into the big freezer and cleaned and turned off the small one to save money.

We switched to a cheaper gas and electric deal and I made 3 birthday cards and used stamps from the postal survey to post birthday presents for free. I also sent some books to Ziffit and got another £11.01 for the gift fund. The postal survey also send £8 in Love2Shop vouchers to reimburse me for posting some parcels.

I borrowed 5 books on thrifty living from the library and used them to plan gifts and mend some clothes. MrShoestring mended our living room clock, which is an antique so that saved some money on parts and labour. I used YouTube for a free workout video when it was too wet to exercise outside and I made kinetic sand using an instruction video from there as well.

Finally, I got a free washing powder sample though the post and plan on getting 3 washes out of it, not just one !

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