Monday, 7 May 2018

Having a Cheap Barbecue

With all the lovely weather we have been having the children were very keen to organise a barbecue, so we did it all on a budget !

First of all the barbecue itself and all the tools came from a garage sale a few years ago - cost £5 with tools !

Second the charcoal was picked up cheap last year at the end of the season - cost £2.50.

Third, MrShoestring made a homemade lighter chimney, to get the charcoal started, out of an old decorative bucket - cost £0.

Fourth MissShoestring made delicious kebabs out of things we already had on hand - cost £0

Fifth we used salad from the garden - cost £0

Sixth we drank homemade grape juice and elderflower cordial which had been made last year and stored in the freezer, hurrah for using up some more freezer stock - cost £0.

So a barbecue for 4 all at a very reasonable cost. Everyone enjoyed it so much that MrShoestring is wondering about building a permanent brick barbecue in the garden using the existing one for parts ! Long may the sunny weather continue !

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