Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Emergency revision biscuits

These simple little biscuits were made after we discovered last night that MasterShoestring has eaten his way through 2 family size tins of biscuits ! Well, it was his first exam yesterday ! I had had a busy day and could not face the thought of getting in the car and going somewhere to buy biscuits so lightning use was made of my super quick shortbread recipe. I also used baking margarine instead of butter to make them quicker to make. They taste nicer with butter but I knew that MasterShoestring would not mind !

6oz flour
4oz butter
2oz sugar

Cream the butter and sugar together and gradually add the flour. Push the mixture together to form a dough. Press out onto a floured board and cut into squares. Prick with a fork and bake on an un greased baking tin for 20 minutes. Cool and scatter with sugar.

I make about 16 from this recipe.

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