Sunday, 12 March 2017

A Pause in Lent

This is the second week in Lent and I read an interesting article about thinking about how Christ went to the Cross on his own part from his Mother, a few women and a stranger who helped to carry the Cross. All the disciples ran away. It made me think that even if we don't have a big name in the world we can still make a difference by accompanying someone through their trials or doing something small to help.This week that thought made me think of a very, small charity we support which very few people have heard of. It is called the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative and you can find out more about it from this link in the UK .

They work with governments in Sub-Saharan Africa to eradicate this terrible pest which ruins people's lives. Schistosomiasis is caused by parasitic flatworms from snails so the illness is sometimes known as snail fever. It cause a rash, problems with urination and swelling. People who affected long-term can develop learning difficulties. Children are often affected as they are more likely to play in contaminated water. The treatment to stop the illness costs less than £1 per person and prevents a whole life-time of suffering. That seems a small price to pay to help someone, so we continue to eat frugally and hope to give this little charity a hand at the end of the month.

What can you do to walk alongside someone today ?

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