Monday, 20 March 2017

Jumble Sale Haul

So I only spent £1.20 at Saturday's jumble sale but came away with quite a lot of books !

I like some of Nora Roberts' books so finding these for 20p each made it worth trying a few titles that I hadn't read, if I don't like them I can release them back into the 'wild' having lost very little !

This one is  for the next time we go up to Scotland, which we do fairly regularly. 

Finally, a lovely set of postcards with pictures of the interior of Clarence House. These will come in very handy for 'Thank You' notes and are made of very thick, quality card.

Total cost, if everything had been bought new, would have been £ 43.90 ! So well worth getting up early to go 'jumbling' !

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