Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Cheap Seeds

Today I wanted to plant some lettuce, leeks and French beans so that they will be well on their way once the soil warms up. However, when I went to look through the seed packets there were plenty of spinach varieties, pumpkins and aubergines but I could only find lettuce of the ones I wanted and not very much of that. So off I went to research what to buy !

This year I want the garden to work, not be  as haphazard as it has in the past. We have a good results with seeds from Aldi, especially with lettuce so I shall look there and the other place we have had good prices and good crops from has been Park Promotions. They usually sell china but also have a garden section and I stocked up last Autumn when prices were down to 5p a packet. The only problem with buying seeds like that is that you cannot choose your variety and they might not have what you want.

After reading a few reviews I decided to go for an F1 hybrid leek this year. 'Oarsman' and the self-fertile runner bean 'Firestorm'. Both of these are available at a good price from Kings Seeds. So I am looking forward to my new seeds arriving and seeing how they grow !

Now I am off to tidy up that seed collection so I can see what else is missing !!

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