Thursday, 2 March 2017

March Meal Plan

So there will be quite a bit of bread baking over March as the meal place includes sandwiches for lunch most days and one day a week the evening meal in soup and bread.

The first week we are having a red onion, tomato and lentil tart, the soup, tortillas, meatloaf and cheese and onion pudding with some baked potatoes to round things out and make sure that MasterShoestring gets enough to eat. Breakfasts are granola, cereal, beans on toast or pancakes and lunches sandwiches or leftovers.

The second week is a bit similar but with a tray bake chicken dish and sone stews and casseroles added. I'm also going to make a stack of savoury pancakes stuffed with mushrooms and bean sprouts.

The third week we will still have meatloaf, tortillas and soup as these are great favourites but added in will be a pizza and a quiche.

Final week starts with Mothering Sunday so we'll be having a full chicken dinner, as I really enjoy that, with a chicken curry made from the leftovers and a spaghetti dish too.

I find that meal planning for a whole month in advance is very helpful. I bought groceries for all these meals at the start of the month and they cost me £77.64 so I have plenty left for a few weekly top ups too ! Sometimes we have so many leftovers that I don't make the planned meal but all the ingredients can be adapted to make something else or put a spare dish in the freezer for  busy time. So meal planning and shopping ahead really works for me !

Do you plan ahead ?

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