Friday, 24 March 2017

Frugal Friday

The biggest saving this week was visiting the local garden centre with our garden tokens and discovering that they had a special offer on compost. This meant that we were able to get 900 litres of compost for free ! We were given the tokens last Summer and were saving them for buying compost for the vegetable beds but we never thought that we would be able to get as much as we did. We now have enough for all the beds and to have the compost 5cm deep across them. Fingers crossed that this results in an increased crop this year !

We planted out all the lettuce seedlings into a cold frame and re-potted the tomato plants and put them in the polytunnel, so far no slugs, which is good. MissShoestring enjoyed watching the last of the Six Nations rugby for free on terrestrial television and I enjoyed a 'cheer-me-up' visit to the library after a doctor's appointment, so no need to go into town twice.

We got free pallets for firewood, ate leftovers for lunch and made a geometry set for MasterShoestring's exams out of what we had already. I got a free local paper and MasterShoestring found lots of computer components for his Duke of Edinburgh project on Freecycle. We also made yoghurt, rolls and bread, homemade soup, cake and pancakes.

Finally, I got a £5 LovetoShop voucher in the post after I talk part in a survey for the Royal Mail, so that was nice.

I hope that you had a lovely, frugal week too !

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