Friday, 31 March 2017

Frugal Friday

This week we have been fortunate enough to have had lovely weather, so as well as drying all the washing outside, we have been able to cut up logs for next winter. We now have so much free wood from the garden and free pallets that I do not think we shall have to buy any next winter at all, which is wonderful !

I also got a lovely surprise in the post, lots of freebies I apply for never arrive, but this one did ! It was this month's copy of 'Making Cards' magazine, complete with a booklet of 31 papers, which was amazing ! Now I can make some more cards for free !

We made yoghurt, breadcrumbs, bread, soup, chicken stock and salsa ! I went to the jumble sale and got some more things on my list and had a date night at home with a film from our gift subscription to Lovefilm. Since the weather was so nice we turned off the hot water and used the solar panels to heat the water, it got so hot I was able to tell MissShoestring that she could have a shower whenever she liked ! The Feed In Tariff payment is due soon so I'm only going to read the meter today, as I'm sure we have generated a lot of power this week.

MasterShoestring is going to visit USAShoestring for a week next week and instead of using his baggage allowance he is taking a suitcase of USAShoestring's stuff over for him, including quite a few Christmas presents. It will save a lot on postage and since MasterShoestring is only going for a week he doesn't need more than cabin baggage.

I got a 30 day trial to Kindle Unlimited so that I could read some books I needed without paying for them. I also downloaded for free Kindle books. I also got 10 packets of pita bread for 24p each , at last some yellow-stickered bargains.

Finally, I filled in a survey and the reward was a £6 donation to Doctors without Borders which I thought was very generous so I was pleased to do that ! I also earned another £5 Amazon voucher from Swagbucks and I'm saving them to get MrShoestring a book he wants for our wedding anniversary in August.

A great frugal week if we forget about the wing mirror !


  1. A very good frugal week, I applied for the free card making magazine as well.

  2. I hope you enjoy the magazine as much as me ! The papers are lovely !