Monday, 27 March 2017

Jumble Sale Finds

I drove out to find Saturday's jumble sale with directions but even after I had found the village hall where it was taking place I nearly did not go in. There were double yellow lines everywhere and all the streets around the hall were full of parked cars. In the end I parked in a local store car park and walked back. It was the first time ever I have had trouble parking and nearly went home ! I'm so glad that I did go in though as although I only bought two items they were good ones.

The first thing I found was a short sleeved school shirt for age 15-16. This will fit MasterShoestring next school year and are difficult to find second hand. I paid 10p !

These were the second find, a pair of pyjama bottoms from Marks and Spencer. They will also fit MasterShoestring next year and were the princely sum of 10p !

I have now almost completed my list of required items, all from jumble sales, so I am very pleased. I just need a few more schools shirts and a pair of school trousers and I'm finished. Just as well as MasterShoestring has signed up to go on a really expensive World Challenge expedition after school next year so I think he's going to be expecting plenty of help with all the sponsored events the school will be running to help with the cost !


  1. You find some good things at the jumble I haven't been to one for years.

  2. Yes, but I'm no good at finding yellow-stickered bargains with food. I guess that's the problem of living where we do, excellent cast-offs but the supermarkets do something else with their excess stock !