Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Monthly Shop

The aim this month is to have little bit leftover from the grocery and household budget to donate something to charity. As the budget is only £170 and includes about £40 for MasterShoestring's school meals that makes the budget very tight. MissShoestring his still at home and although she does but the occasional expensive thing that she wants she still eats nearly every meal with us. This means that I have around £130 for the month for 4 people and need to buy some special foods such as non-dairy milk. That is a budget of £26 a week or £32.50 per person for the month.

We usually manage fine although I have made some changes over the past few months as prices started to rise. We don't have a roast chicken every Sunday but have moved to a cheaper meatloaf and I have stopped buying organic cheese and milk.

This month I am going to try using the cheapest brands as much as possible and make as much as possible from scratch. This is fine for things like oats to make granola but might not be so popular if I make everyone eat cheap baked beans ! So I have rejigged the menu plan again to try some new recipes and include some meat every Sunday. The family also requested fewer meals with lentils in so I have some crafty ways of disguising them which I hope will work !

How much do you budget for groceries ?

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