Friday, 10 March 2017

Frugal Friday

So, driving the costs down this week were lots of little actions, such as buying a book MasterShoestring needed for school with a gift token. I remember when books in school were free but he goes to an academy so I guess it is all different now !! Anyway, the book was still free to us thanks to a generous gift !

We also used up leftovers, made tortillas, a delicious bacon and potato pie and enjoyed another new recipe of cheese and spinach pasties. This was supposed to use 285g of cream cheese but I did not have that and did not want to buy it specially for the recipe. So I used a different cheese that we already had and the recipe was delicious. That saved a trip to the shop and having to buy something extra. We also used homegrown parsley and cress in a salad and started off some lettuce seeds which have already germinated. I am going to look after them very well as last year the slugs got all our lettuce.

When I did go shopping yesterday, I made sure that I did other errands at the same time and I have been doing that all week to conserve petrol.

I mended a jumper, a shirt and an apron and gave away to the charity shop two nice woollen sweaters which are now too big for me. I was sorry to see them go bit also know that someone else will be glad of them.

We had a couple of busy nights this week and I made sure that we had made supper earlier on in the day so we had something quick, ready to eat before going out. Last week I forgot and it was very stressful, so this week it was much better and saved us money because I did not have to resort to buying food that was quick to prepare, which is usually more expensive.

Yesterday was a beautiful day so some more washing was hung outside to dry, this removes quite a few creases too so is quicker for the ironing as well ! We also got quite a few things on the list at the jumble sale and I found a few more at a charity shop, so that was really good.

I sold some more books to Ziffit and did 4 tutoring sessions so the holiday money is mounting up !

How was your frugal week ?

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