Monday, 6 March 2017

Jumble Sale Bargains

This was the best bargain of the jumble sale, a brand new waffle weave dressing gown for 40p. MasterShoestring is still wearing his old England one from when he was age 12 so this will make a good replacement as soon as he has grown another couple of inches, that should happen over the next couple of weeks given the rate he has been going.

I paid 50p to get in and including that spent £4.20 in total. As well as the dressing gown I got 3 pairs of pyjama trousers for MasterShoestring and 2 white school shirts. These were on my list and as 15-16 year old school shirts are very hard to come by at jumble sales I was very well pleased. All 5 items were part of the 'fill a bag for £1 ' event at the end of the jumble sale. I also got an England pair of shorts, some quilting batting and fabric, several very nice cards, including the ones that you put your own Christmas photograph inside and  a very expensive brand new bra and pants for me.

The new underwear does break the clothing ban for this year, but they were such a bargain and brand new that I thought it worth spending the £1.80 they wanted for them !

All the money went to help keep the Brownies and Guides running so that was a nice feeling to help them out and I did stop off in some charity shops on the way home and the supermarkets en route. However, I did not find anything like the bargains I had found at the jumble sale so came home without spending anything else !

It was the first time I had gone to a jumble sale with a list and I was very pleased to find so many things I wanted, especially the school shirts and quilting stuff ! I am looking forward to the next one and hoping they will have some school trousers ! 

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