Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Airport Parking

The price of airport parking in this country is really outrageous. I had several visits to a local airport this weekend in order to fetch and drop off guests who joined us for the Confirmation and each time although I investigated cheaper alternatives they were not free !

I would recommend that you begin to research alternatives as soon as you know that you will be going there and work out well in advance what the cheapest option will be. For instance at my local airport you have to pay 3 pounds to drop off anybody but can go to the medium stay car park and drop off for free if your guests don't mind taking the 5 minute shuttle bus.

Similarly, avoid using the short stay car park if you can , park further away and take advantage of the cheaper prices offered by medium stay car parks or work out if public transport is cheaper even though it may take slightly longer !

Even with all those strategies airport parking still cost over 15 pounds this past week, good job the event was a once in a lifetime one !

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