Sunday, 1 May 2016

Into the Woods

A red letter day today as Master Shoestring has his Confirmation, a celebration of entering a new stage of life as he rises from childhood to youth. Both his godparents are here and the priest gave a wonderful talk last night about how although the world faces many challenges with openness and strength and the help available  from God we can raise to meet them. Congratulations on your special day Master Shoestring !

We had a glorious walk through the bluebell woods yesterday. They are just starting to come into flower and a mist of blue beneath the canopy of bright green from the beech trees really made it feel like Spring and a new beginning. It made me think of how a walk in the woods is a little like entering your youthful years, everything is new and beautiful but there are also dangers lurking around, like tripping and falling over a hazard you were not aware of or maybe attempting to jump a hazard which then turns out to be rather larger than you thought !

Here's hoping that Master Shoestring's path through the woods will be carefully marked and guided with just enough adventure and beauty for him to feel challenged but not so many hazards that he trips and falls !

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