Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Half Term Ideas 3

We have been debating about whether or not to renew our National Trust membership this year as it is really expensive for a family now, close to a hundred pounds. Pictures like the one above from the county's country parks which are free to enter have made us decide not to renew this year anyway !

Which brings me to the third idea for half term, a mystery outing. Plan a trip to  somewhere you rarely go or have never been and then pack a picnic and set off. The crucial thing is not to tell the rest of your party where they are going so they can have all the fun of trying to work it out whilst you are on the way there. You can give a few clues and make sure that it is not too far away as I found little ones get restless if the trip takes much more than 30 - 45 minutes.

With older ones, when you arrive you can let them do there own thing and meet up at an agreed time, this works great if they bring along a friend. Over the years we have gone to all sorts of places, with pick your own farms being particularly popular, you get to eat fruit and bring some home, win-win in the Shoestring family !

Where is your favourite place for an outing ?

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